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Triulet is an instrumental music band used to collaborating with other disciplines, such as dance, poetry, or the visual arts. Gerard Rosich (guitars and synth) and Miquel Ferrés (bass, drums, keyboards) have composed several works (between 2006 and 2016) with the support of Nicolas Bernard and Nacho Lois. From 2018 on Felip Martí-Jufresa has joined the band playing the bass.  They will soon publish the three works they have been creating while they were not active on stage.

The first two instrumental albums, àridmètric (2009) and astupèndur (2015), partially reappear as musical poetry in the two following recordings. The former rearranged as a musical poem and created together with the poet Gerard Horta (Ballad of the Flying Dutchman), and the latter as the musical background of a set of poems written by Enric Casasses,  transposed into songs and sung by himself (Throw up your breath). All these repertoires have been published between 2012 and 2015 by the Catalan record label Discmedi.



The àridmètric is a starting point for Triulet. It is a raw and dark trialogue of drums, bass, and guitar. The musical influences can be tracked back, although one can clearly perceive the originality of the band: recurrent metric games, irregular phrasing, etc. The astupèndur is a more subtle and less monochrome construction. The base material opens up to new tone colors, flirts with fixed forms (adapting them) and foreshadows a new beginning, which will become even more eclectic with the upcoming album, named trance&dance

After a long recording silence, Triulet releases with Discmedi his fifth album in 2023: trance&dance. With this recording, Triulet begins a turn with respect to its previous records. The central idea behind the 13 tracks of trance&dance is the fertile dialectic that constitutes any musical event: both in the enjoyment of the formal dimension of music and in the exploration of the tension between the conceptual and the temporal flow that builds up any musical line. In fact, although the title of the album may indicate a certain aspiration for gravity and seriousness, trance&dance aspires to the complete opposite: to keep the music firmly rooted in the body without giving up both to formal ideas, experimentation and humor.


photo: Carles Llàcer

design: Nacho Antolín


portada d'Ernest Abentín

disseny de Nacho Antolín

trance&dance triulet.jpg

portada d'Ernest Abentín

disseny de Nacho Antolín


photo: Ernest Abentín

design: Nacho Antolín

portada balada.jpg

photo: triulet & Gerard Horta

design: Nacho Antolín

In addition to these repertoires, which are the core of the band's history, and together with the work with poets, Triulet has also collaborated with other artists: with Deborah Torres, Fernando Liesa and Ernest Abentín in the form of concert dance co-produced by Antic Teatre (suliloqui, 2014); with the video artists fluxescenavisual (2008) and Viscepatik (2016), or with trumpetist Xavier Tort for the composition of the upcoming album entitled entotsolat.

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